The disappearance of Aikyam's co-mayors has plunged the village into chaos, with lurking demons aiming to seize their precious heirloom, the almighty Celestial Glue, and casting the world into darkness. It’s up to Vishva, Ramli, and Guru-ji to dazzle the hearts of disgruntled villagers with extravagant turn-based battles to rally them against the demons in this Bollywood-inspired fantasy RPG!


  • With dramatic leaps, twirls, and gravity-defying stunts, dazzle your opponents in high-octane, cinematic battles inspired by iconic Indian cinema.
  • Every act of compassion ripples through your village. Unlock new adventures and gain courageous cheerleaders for battles by aiding them in charming quests of kindness!
  • Thrive in this fantastical larger-than-life world of Ancient India, where characters unite to conquer the challenges twice their size!


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Awards & Recognition

  • " Epic Mega Grant Recipient "
  • "Ubisoft Indie Series Toronto - National Bank Prize "

About Thousand Stars Studio

Thousand Stars is a Toronto-based game studio creating dangerously cute and whimsical worlds with heartfelt characters and stories.

Aikyam Credits

Parth Soni
Game Designer, Programmer
Sally Luc
3D Artist, Animator, Producer
Samuel Dayomi
3D Artist, Cinematographer
Arvind Soni
Character Concept Artist
Christopher Jadoo
Senior Programmer
Richa Thomas
Level Designer, Game Designer
Nate Dias
Game Designer
Alpha Something
Music Composer
Level Curve
Game Audio
Robby Duguay (Level Curve)
Audio Lead
Ethan Schubert (Level Curve)
Sound Designer